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Waste and Recycling Insurance

We understand your business and have knowledgeable, experienced staff to deal with all of your insurance requirements. Arthur Marsh are proud to be a member of the Chartered Institution of Waste Management (CIWM).

Waste and Recycling Insurance represents a major part of our business, and we are dedicated to your industry, by employing experienced and trained staff, some of our staff have also attended waste courses that are endorsed by the CIWM.

As specialists in the waste and recycling sector, we are experienced in establishing the correct levels of Waste and Recycling Insurance cover at competitive premiums, which can help you to avoid potentially damaging problems. We have access to dedicated schemes and rates which are tailored to your trade. As the leading Insurance broker in the Waste Management sector, we have experience in providing insurance cover for recycling centres, disposal of metals, plastic, paper, cardboard and hazardous waste.

Liability Insurance – Are you safe?

Our aim is to provide the right insurance to businesses that are able to demonstrate high standards and to avoid litigation wherever possible.

Fire – The number 1 source of insurance claims within the waste and recycling industry.

If you were to suffer a fire, would your insurance fully cover the potentially devastating consequences for your business? On a bank holiday in 2011, an arson attack resulted in a major fire, causing extensive damage to a successful recycling business and a lot of unwelcome publicity.

Too often in cases such as this, the resulting insurance claim can lead to a significant payment shortfall. In some instances as much as £1 Million or more. Claims can take months or even years to resolve, attracting huge legal costs. Adequate cover becomes hard to find and premium costs rise significantly. These problems can be caused by inadequate risk assessment.

Although brokers will conduct an initial review, do they have sufficient information to make sure that the sums insured are adequate and do they reassess on a regular basis? There have been cases in which the insurer has made it clear that they would not have accepted the risk had they fully understood the business!

This case helps to illustrate why:

If you should suffer a fire, would your insurance fully cover the potentially devastating consequences for your business?

Business Interruption

While eliminating the disruption a major event would cause is clearly impossible, an effective, proven business interruption plan will minimise the distress and help to retain the customers you have worked so hard to win.

Fleet Insurance

Drivers are responsible for checking the safety of the skip whilst in transit but ultimately it is down to the skip company to provide adequate training. We have recently seen an increase in claims from waste falling from Skip Lorries!

This can be caused by customers overloading skips with different types of waste/materials which are not secured correctly. Also, customers fail to disclose the type of waste which could impact on the overall weight when drivers are collecting the loaded skip.

Taking into account the above scenarios, this can lead to vehicles tipping over which can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage as well as personal injury. Although the customer does have a responsibility to adhere to the skip hirer’s rules, it is also the responsibility of the drivers to adequately cover the skips upon collection with appropriate covers.

How have we become industry specialists?

Arthur Marsh are experienced in establishing the correct levels of cover for companies within your industry which will save you time searching for a competitive premium. We can help you to avoid potentially damaging problems that can be caused by being sold inadequate cover by a non specialist broker and we have access to many schemes and rates that enable us to find a tailored comprehensive cover package.

We all understand that knowledge, understanding and reliability are qualities that are of great importance in any business. The same must, surely, apply to your insurance broker. Call our specialists on 0121 293 5764 or complete our quick and easy quote form.

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