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Hotel and Hospitality Insurance

Hotels and Hospitality Insurance cover protect the policyholder against a multitude of perils, including accidental damage, subsidence, buildings cover, loss of profit and much more.

With so many hazards in the hotel and hospitality industry, it pays to sufficiently train your staff so that they can be trusted to pay attention to these hazards, minimising the risk of an insurance claim.

A simple mistake or oversight can potentially lead to catastrophe. If this happens, your hotel business will need an adequate insurance policy in place to survive.

Hotels and Hospitality Insurance is there to protect you, your business, your employees and also your clients. Your insurance premium will be determined by any previous claims you have made and you may possibly need to show proof of emergency procedure training among your staff in order for some insurance providers to insure you.

We can arrange a Hotel and Hospitality Insurance package policy which will provide you with cover for a range of risks including employers and public liability, contents cover and business interruption cover. We are also able to arrange a tailored policy, more suited to your individual business needs. These covers include the assets, earnings and legal liabilities of the business for both licensed and non-licensed establishments.

Who does our Hotel and Hospitality Insurance Cover?

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