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Golf Insurance

Here at Arthur Marsh, our team members have a huge passion for golf. That is why the golf insurance cover we provide is underwritten by a UK insurer who specialise in the Golf industry sector and has developed a specific policy that will cover your every need.

We also provide a personal service and in-house claims management for golf courses around the UK which takes the pressure off your management team allowing your golf club to succeed.

What can we cover you for?

Our Golf Insurance cover can also provide the following:

Golf is a forever changing business and more and more clubs are now starting to offer other services such as weddings. This is why we not only provide your golf club with complete cover for the course but also focus on the other parts too such as full wedding liability cover for any guests.

Our cover not only provides liability but also cancellation cover up to £5,000 for any one loss and up to £10,000 in any one period of insurance. Cover for wedding attire, presents and even guests belongings up to £2,500 per loss and up to £10,000 in any one period of insurance.

For more information or to get a competitive quote for your golf course, please give our office a call on 0121 293 5764 or complete our contact us form and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

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