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Golf Course Insurance


Arthur Marsh offer bespoke golf course insurance from a specialist insurer to provide you with protection and security. Protecting your golf course and your members is essential to running a successful organisation and providing a great service.


Is your golf course correctly insured?

You must have golf course insurance in case claims are bought against you for incidents such as personal injury, accidental damage or liability. Golf course insurance can protect you from a multitude of risks. These include damage to golf equipment, the course itself, facilities and any losses. It can also protect your club members if they have an accident on your golf course and/or need reimbursing for their membership because they cannot play.

Golf courses come with risks due to their nature, such as being hit by a ball or falling. A recent survey established golf as the fourth sport most susceptible to injury, ranking higher than rugby. 68% of respondents cited ‘someone else’s carelessness’ as the main cause of injury and 47% cited ‘self-inflicted’ as cause of injury. These figures highlight the unavoidable risk of accidents as we know it is not possible for every move to be monitored. In these circumstances where someone may be injured, it is important to have the right insurance cover in place. Being insured will also reassure your club members.


What is covered?

Golf insurance can cover a multitude of factors depending on the policy you require. As policies are tailored to individual clubs, there may be some variation. However, these are some of the key features available:

  • Course: All playing surfaces, compulsory alterations, green keeping errors, furniture and trees
  • Property: Buildings and irrigation, stock, equipment, machinery, possessions (employees, members and guests)
  • Liability: Public and employers’ liability, members and visitor’s liability, RTA cover, non-negligent golf ball damage
  • Financial & Management: Business interruption and legal expenses, directors and officer’s liability, cyber and data risk, personal accident cover for all employees


Does this cover golf players?

If you play at a course covered by an Arthur Marsh insurer, you will be protected against a variety of incidents. The commercial product we use includes Road Traffic Act cover for non-road registered vehicles (such as golf buggies), and member to member liability. This means members, visitors and guests (including third parties) can be covered if they cause accidental injury to another player or damage to someone’s vehicle or equipment. Stolen or damaged golf equipment is also insured. This means you can play even if you don’t have your own individual liability insurance.


If you have any questions regarding golf insurance or any other policy, please contact us or call 0121 439 2452

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